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Your membership and/or volunteer hours help bring this amazing gathering alive each year while also allowing you to meet new people, make contacts and just be a part of something larger than yourself.

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Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering Inc.

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Members who submit this form at least 60 days before a vote may vote on the question on the table.

Annual Statement of Commitment of Membership in the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering Inc.

I understand the following statements, and am committed to the following 

Purpose and Character of Affairs:

Purpose:  The purpose for which the corporation is organized is:  Exclusively for the education and literary furtherance of cowboy poetry, music, and history and western heritage culture and history.

Character of Affairs:  The character of affairs of the corporation will be:  To continue to conduct the annual Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, previously a committee of Sharlot Hall Museum an Arizona agency and, a non-profit entity.

I understand the desire and focus of ACPG is to carry a very strong emphasis on the tradition, heritage and culture of the American Cowboy.  The history of this Gathering has been and will remain to include and serve poets, singers and storytellers who have lived and/or accurately present the cowboy way of life, their traditions and cultural background and to bring them together in a manner worthy of perpetuating the culture, heritage and history of the American Cowboy and his family.

The Corporation will not practice or permit discrimination on the basis of sex, race, national origin, religion, physical handicap or disability.

Note:  This statement of commitment must be submitted, and accepted by the ACPG Board of 

Directors annually and at least 60 days prior to voting on any item under consideration.

We are a Non-profit Membership organization and your membership is important to us as we report our status, solicit sponsors and apply for funding. Please consider becoming a member!”

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Optional:  **  I want to make a voluntary contribution to the ACPG for the furtherance of its endeavors.  Contributions are not required for membership and may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Please consult your tax advisor for deductibility.  By checks payable to ACPG.  Mail your check to the address above or bring to a meeting please.

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