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Poster Art

An original oil painting on Linen Titled ‘A Good Way To Get Shot Down’ by Prescott, Arizona artist, Steve Atkinson.

The Story Behind The “A Good Way To Get Shot Down~

Even though this barnstormer thought it’d be “fun” to buzz these cowboys and their cattle, he might just discover that these cowboys don’t take kindly to this kind of prank. They might just take shot at him if they get a chance… then they’ll go gather their scattered cattle.

Based on a true story told to me by a World War II pilot on how he was a pilot in training outside of Tucson. They would be flying and get bored, so they took any chance to break the monotony. Buzzing cattle was a favorite thing he liked to do.

The Giclée of this painting will be part of the 2024 raffle items.

A Good Wat To Get Shot Down was chosen to be on the 2024 Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering poster by unaminous decision.

At my very core, I’m a storyteller and I strive to infuse my paintings with those stories that excite me. Stories of the American west are always front and center. Cowboys, cattle, action scenes and moments of quiet contemplation are what I love. The authenticity of historical scenes or telling the story of today’s working cowboy is where my passion lies. It’s really all about what the painting has to say that makes it personal and unique to me. Most days I can be found in painting in my studio, but I also love to paint on location, a practice I’ve been enthusiastic about since I started painting. These days I make my home in Prescott, Arizona, in the very heart of the subject matter that fills my soul.

Steve Atkinson is a world famous painter of cowboy life. Click on the link below to see Steve’s full bio.

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