2023 Poster & Artist Bio

The New 2023 Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering Poster is now available in our poster shop

Roselynn Fernwalt

Roselynn was born 1942 and raised, the oldest of four girls, in the small Mid-west town of Buchanan, Michigan.  As a child, she always loved art whether it was coloring with crayons or paint by number.  In her early teens, cooking at her parents’ restaurant and sewing became other avocations.    As an adult Roselynn began painting lessons from a teacher who inspired her to look at objects from the perspective of how you would paint them—be they landscapes, florals, birds, or animals.  Widowed in 1995, Roselynn sold her California home, bought a motor home and embarked on a 70,000 mile journey, discovering her love for art along the way.  With different instructors, she has worked with multiple media from china painting to acrylic painting on layers of glass to oils. However by far her favorite medium has become oil.  And her favorite subject Western Style art.

In the fifth grade, Roselynn wrote in a brief biography that one day she wished that she could own horses and live on a ranch.  That wish came true in 2006 with her marriage to Don Fernwalt, a former high school classmate who has owned horses all his life and continues to train horses at their NOTA Ranch in Mayer, AZ.  Both Don and Roselynn have been active ACPG volunteers since 2015.

Besides her talent for art, Roselynn has for the past ten years been licensed as a home-based baking business named Love Is Home Made, baking and decorating cakes for birthdays and weddings.  But baking has now taken second place to her oil paintings.

The inspiration of this year’s poster painting was taken from a photo of local Dewey, AZ, Bottle Ranch owner Pat Statler, holding a calf near a loading pen.  His seven year old son, Gage, watches on with is favorite Border collie, Cody, by his side.

Roselynn and Her Painting,    ‘This One’s for You, Buddy’.