Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering
2018 Night Shows


Host:  Sam Deleeuw

Pipp Gillette
Suzi Killman
Jay Parsons
Thatch Elmer
Jean & Gary Prescott

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2018, 7PM

Host:  Mike Moutoux

Student Poets
Barry Ward
Amy Hale Auker
Gary Allegretto
Dale Burson
Doris Daley


Host:  Floyd Beard

Student Poets
Jay Snider
Broken Chair Band
Chris Isaacs
Gail Steiger
Kevin Davis

Friday Afternoon Schedule
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
BUILDING 15 The Cowboy & His Maker I Wish I Was Cowboy Songs End of the Day
Room 145 Barry Ward, Host Thatch Elmer, Host Kevin Davis, Host Valerie Beard, Host
Downstairs Floyd Beard Jim & Nancy Sober Dale Burson Marleen Bussma
Jean & Gary Prescott Buck Ryberg Gail Steiger Deanna McCall
BUILDING 15 It’s All About The Words Ladies who Pen Gatherings Old Dogs & Pups
Room 253 Amy Hale Auker, Host Marleen Bussma Denniss Russell, Host Dean Cook, Host
Sally Bates Linda Lee Filener Don Cadden Randy Huston
Jay Snider Deanna McCall Jay Parson Thatch Elmer
BUILDING 15 Fresh Memories Still Kick’n Mixed Nuts Cowpuncher 101
Room 255 Mike Moutoux, Host Don Fernwalt, Host Al “Doc” Mehl, Host Jay Snider, Host
Rehearsal Theatre Dennis Russell Dean Cook Gary Allegretto Chris Isaacs
Mike Dunn Gary Kirkman Barry Ward Kevin Davis
BUILDING 16 Even Cowboys Get The Blues Cowboy Songs Pure Delight Laughing Out Loud
Performance Hall Gary Allegretto, Host Todd Carter, Host Mark Munzert, Host Steve Lindsey, Host
Randy Huston Broken Chair Band Sam DeLeeuw Mike Dunn
Pipp Gillette Rusty Pistols Reloaded Jean & Gary Prescott Floyd Beard
Jay Parson
BUILDING 19 Old Friends Windies Facing West Name That Tune
Room 147 Doris Daley, Host Dave McCall, Host Sally Bates, Host Pipp Gillette, Host
Community Room Dale Burson Steve Lindsey Amy Hale Auker Buck Ryberg
Valerie Beard Chris Isaacs Mary Matli Rusty Pistols Reloaded
Saturday Morning Schedule
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM 12:00 PM 12:45 PM
BUILDING 15 Ranchin Tales & Rodeo Trails Covered In Crimson For Your Enjoyment Cowboy Blues
Room 145 Thatch Elmer, Host Sally Bates, Host Don Cadden, Host Pipp Gillette, Host
Downstairs Kevin Davis Suzi Killman Linda Lee Filener Gary Allegretto
Jay Snider Jean Prescott Jim & Nancy Sober Jay Parson
Gail Steiger
BUILDING 15 Range Ladies Campfire Tales Easy on the Eyes OPEN SESSION
Room 253 Sam DeLeeuw, Host Al “Doc” Mehl, Host Mark Munzert, Host Sign ups required
Valerie Beard Don Fernwalt Kevin Davis _______________
Mary Matli Buck Ryberg Floyd Beard _______________
BUILDING 15 Tres Viejos Some of this may be True East of the Verde Remember When
Room 255 Don Cadden, Host Dave McCall, Host Mike Moutoux, Host Bob Wood, Host
Rehearsal Theatre Randy Huston Randy Huston Dennis Russell Rusty Pistols Reloaded
Chris Isaacs Chris Isaacs Jay Snider Mike Dunn
BUILDING 16 Student Poets Cowboy Gospel Range Stories Old Time Fiddlers
Performance Hall Donn Pease, Host Melinda Carter, Host Valerie Beard, Host Oscar Gray, Host
4th Grade Students Broken Chair Band Doris Daley Group Session
Barry Ward Gary Kirkman
Dale Burson
BUILDING 19 Women of the West They Write the Songs Me & the Boys She’s a Hand
Room 147 Marleen Bussma, Host Dean Cook, Host Sam DeLeeuw, Host Mary Matli, Host
Community Room Doris Daley Gary Allegretto Thatch Elmer Amy Hale Auker
Amy Hale Auker Gail Steiger Steve Lindsey Deanna McCall
Saturday Afternoon Schedule
1:00PM – 1:45 PM 2:00 PM -2:45 PM 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Room 119 Gary Allegretto, Host Gary Allegretto, Host
2 hour workshop continued
learn to play harmonica continued
$20 cash at the door continued
BUILDING 15 OPEN SESSION Cowboy Humor Arizonan’s Guy & Gals
Room 145 Sign Up Required Linda Lee Filener, Host Steve Lindsey, Host Buck Ryberg, Host
Downstairs _______________ Rusty Pistols Reloaded Broken Chair Band Sally Bates
_______________ Sally Bates Dean Cook Deanna McCall
BUILDING 15 Wild Bunch Catch’n the Wind Poster Poems Poster Poems
Room 253 Steve Lindsey, Host Barry Ward, Host
Gary Kirkman Mike Moutoux
Dave McCall Buck Ryberg
BUILDING 15 Cover Your Tracks 2 Roses and a Thorn Cowboys From The Juniper & Mesquite Country Sun’s Settin
Room 255 Chris Isaacs, Host Sam DeLeeuw, Host Gary Kirkman, Host Don Fernwalt, Host
Rehearsal Theatre Dale Burson Mary Matli Mike Dunn Al “Doc Mehl
Randy Huston Don Cadden Chris Isaacs Mark Munzert
BUILDING 16 Rip Snort & Let’r Fly Salt of the Earth Sing’n In the Rain Evening Seranade
Performance Hall Floyd Beard, Host Don Fernwalt, Host Gail Steiger, Host Kevin Davis, Host
Jay Snider Gary Kirkman Dale Burson Don Cadden
Thatch Elmer Doris Daley Pipp Gillette Barry Ward
BUILDING 19 Couples Makin Music Not Too Late I Mustache Your Mustache Happy Trails
Room 147 Jim Sober, Host Marleen Bussma, Host Jean Prescott, Host Suzi Killman, Host
Community Room Jim & Nancy Sober Al “Doc” Mehl Jean & Gary Prescott Rusty Pistols Reloaded
Jean & Gary Prescott Mark Munzert Floyd Beard Jay Parson
Broken Chair Band Randy Huston Mike Moutoux

2018 Cowboy Poets and Musicians

  • Gary Allegretto
  • Sally Bates
  • Floyd Beard
  • Valerie Beard
  • Broken Chair Band
  • Dale Burson
  • Marleen Bussma
  • Don Cadden
  • Dean Cook
  • Doris Daley
  • Kevin Davis
  • Sam DeLeeuw
  • Mike Dunn
  • Thatch Elmer
  • Don Fernwalt
  • Linda Lee Filener
  • Pipp Gillette
  • Amy Hale Auker
  • Randy Huston
  • Chris Isaacs
  • Gary Kirkman
  • Suzi Killman
  • Steve Lindsey
  • Mary Matli
  • Dave McCall
  • Deanna McCall
  • Al “Doc” Mehl
  • Mike Moutoux
  • Mark Munzert
  • Old Time Fiddlers
  • Jay Parson
  • Jean & Gary Prescott
  • Dennis Russell
  • Rusty Pistols Reloaded
  • Buck Ryberg
  • Jim & Nancy Sober
  • Jay Snider
  • Gail Steiger
  • Barry Ward